Senin, 10 Februari 2014

Why do we fall in love even when we know it would end

Have you ever wonder what life is about? Have you at some points of your life stop, and think, why do we fall in love....when mostly in the end it's going to hurt us more. I'm not an expert about relationship, I'm not Carrie Bradshaw who wander around with her love story and life story, and I'm not Keisavourie who seems to know what to do and act rational when it comes to love, I'm just me, Bila, who happened to have some thoughts and want to write it all down.

My friend's question also got me thinking, why do we brace ourselves to ever fall in love and entering a relationship, when back then we may have made several failures. And we got hurt, and we also hurt someone. Some persons maybe.

Well, falling in love is not something we could really choose because most of the times it just happened. But being close, getting open up, starting and getting in to a relationship is a choice that we made. You see, as time goes by, we become someone more mature (well it depends on the person, but we can't avoid the fact as we grow up we have more responsibilities), we make bigger choice in life.

One may think that choosing to be in a relationship is not a big choice, but just think, when you are getting older and mature and arranging your life ahead you, choosing to be in a relationship and choosing the person you want to build a relationship with, is almost the same as choosing which major you want to study in a university, make the wrong choice and honey you'll be miserable. When you're at the age to make a commitment, playing is not an option anymore. Heck, do you want to keep playing or do you want to win?

If you want to win, then it's time to settle down and be with someone. Commitment doesn't mean that you will never get bored with the other person, commitment means YOU WILL STILL BE WITH YOUR COUPLE EVEN WHEN YOU DON'T WANT TO

It's up to us how to maintain our relationship, and what we should do when we're in a relationship, is trying our best to keep it last, showing our commitment, so one day we don't have to say "I wish I tried my best" 

So I guess why do we fall in love even when we know it would end is also the same reason why do we LIVE when we know we'll DIE someday.

We live and we love because it gives us courage, motivation, and something to push us to do our best. To be the best of ourselves when we still have time :)